Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poll: Less Gummint! (Less Cancer)

Clay Cramer found a nugget.

This poll taken earlier this month, published in the January 17, 2009 Washington Post shows that 53% of Americans would prefer less government with less services, while 43% wanted more government, and more services

And he understands the Obama victory properly.

...some of it is that the Obama vs. McCain choice was really two different liberals, arguing about what parts of the government they were going to expand. If Republicans would take a consistent position in favor of a smaller government, they would have a powerful tool for winning. But that would require Republicans interested in winning.

Not quite.

Cramer is insufficiently cynical. What we have here is the Party-Of-Governnment (PIG) problem with folks like Specter, McConnell, McCain, Snowe (et al). They actually 'think' that more Gummint is GOOD Gummint.

And, frankly, they also think that they and their friends are doing us all a favor by Ruling More.

Well, cancer does its victim a favor too: after torturing the victim, it kills him.

See? A favor!!

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