Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bullet Control?

Some silly ideas.

Eugene Kane and Joe Zilber discuss gun control ideas:

Zilber chuckled when I mentioned comedian Chris Rock, who once said the key to gun control was making all guns free but charging an exorbitant amount - as high as $5,000 - for a single bullet.

That might make people think twice about firing a gun.

"That's pretty good," said Zilber. He didn't dismiss it out of hand. "You could buy an ammunition company and do it that way."

Actually, as Zilber undoubtedly knows, he'd have to buy ALL the ammo companies (and then find a way to prevent imports) to make that happen.

Of course, the DA weighed in, too.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm said Zilber's plan was an attempt to deal with some of the most frustrating aspects of gun control laws in Wisconsin. Although the state has some of the nation's strictest laws in regards to carrying concealed weapons, Chisholm said, Wisconsin's laws concerning the buying and selling of guns are relatively weak.

"We're very schizophrenic in our approach to gun control laws," he told me. In fact, Chisholm talked of a recent case in which police tracked a gun that had changed hands up to nine times

What law would the DA propose to stop gun trafficking amidst the criminal element in Milwaukee? When a gun comes to Chisholm's attention, it's 99.99999% likely that the weapon was used by (or in possession of) a criminal.

So it's a foregone conclusion that the guy-with-the-gun doesn't really care TOO much about such things as "laws."


Shoebox said...

And isn't that the truth about way too much in govt...Laws do little to regulate people intent on ignoring or avoiding them. Many however, do have huge costs and unintended consequences that impinge freedoms of people who should never be impacted by them...conceal carry and limitations on hand guns are exhibit A.

Anonymous said...

Applying the same logic to cars, we would have to assume that underage drivers would be common place and drivers without licenses or with suspended licenses would always just get a car. Certainly there are limits to the efficacy of access control, we have underage drivers and we have people driving with suspended licenses, but the effectiveness is higher than nil. Such doesn't mean I am in favor of current or proposed gun control measures, nor does it reflect 2nd Ammendment realities.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to speak for JC, but I think it's safe to say that some gun stores in the area aren't as good as they could be about stopping straw purchases. There certainly could be some tightening when it comes to that process.

I'm thinking of one store in particular but I won't name names.:)