Friday, January 30, 2009

Stimulus: No Longer Stimulating Support

The numbers are caving.

...the 52 percent public support for the stimulus bill reflected in the Gallup poll was a bit tepid, but a new Rasmussen poll finds support dropping to 42 percent with a near equal number of opposition at 39 percent. Some of the numbers behind the numbers are interesting, too. For instance, while support for the bill among Republicans and Democrats has remained relatively stable, "support among unaffiliated voters has fallen. A week ago, unaffiliateds were evenly divided on the plan, with 37% in favor and 36% opposed. Now, 50% of unaffiliated voters oppose the plan while only 27% favor it." In addition, 46 percent of those polled are worried that the government will end up doing too much, compared with 42 percent who worry it will do too little.

Umnnnhhhh....the average citizen is capable of separating the buckwheat from the BS, and is also acutely aware of the effects of debt-financing.

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Shoebox said...

The more sunlight that garbage is exposed to, the more the garbage stinks.

Anonymous said...

All hail the revered Dad29.