Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Controlled, Reasonable, Checkpoints"??

From Doylie's State of the State recap:

The Governor added Wisconsin should also work to allow law enforcement officers to set up controlled, reasonable sobriety checkpoints.

Shutting down I-94, Hy. 100, Capitol Drive, Hy. 29, sniff breath.

I don't buy it. Either there is articulable cause or not. And we already know that random mass traffic disruptions do NOT produce results:

...according to longtime traffic-safety researcher James C. Fell, a senior program director at the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, an organization funded largely by government grants.

"There's a reluctance by police to use them for two reasons," Fell said. "One, there's a perception that they take a lot of resources. . . . The other thing is police for the most part think they're not effective because they don't arrest that many drivers."

Most likely Doylie was posing for holy pictures. The facts certainly don't make his case.

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