Friday, January 30, 2009

QueenNancy Pelosi's Logic--Extended

Neumayr is always worth the read.

Euthanasia is another shovel-ready job for Pelosi to assign to the states. Reducing health care costs under Obama's plan, after all, counts as economic stimulus too. Controlling life, controlling death, controlling costs.

"Shovel", indeed...

...Pelosi has helpfully if dimly blurted out what's often implicit in many of the left's schemes for human improvement: that, after all the rhetorical bells and whistles have fallen silent, the final solution concealed within the schemes is to eliminate people.

Nancy and Harry could at least honor their 'intellectual godfather' the way that Neumayr did in that last phrase.

And if you think that "STD" provision in the bill is markedly different in effect or intent from the "birth-control" provision the Queen deleted, think again, folks.

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