Friday, July 21, 2006

Westbound I-94 on 7/24? Not So Fast!

If you're planning a trip westbound on I-94 Monday the 24th from the Milwaukee area, pay attention.

State DOT reports that a 200' x 16' flatbed-trailer will be hauling an industrial dryer from West Allis to the state line, beginning 0700 Monday. It will enter I-94 at the Hy. 18 ramp.

Due to its weight, it will slow to 5MPH at overpasses.

That should pretty well screw up WB traffic on the I-road.

Might even be worth taking the kids and a picnic-lunch to watch, eh, Jezebel?

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Billiam said...

I'll be home by then! Yeeha! I have a drop and hook in Melrose Park. Be home by 0400. Heh Heh...