Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Herb Kohl: Disconnected

Maybe Herb Kohl has more money than FEMA, but other important things seem to be missing.

Back in 1998, Nobody's Senator voted to continue a filibuster directed against Missile Defense (called "Star Wars" by the luddites.) The issue was simple: do we continue the policy of Mutual Assured Destruction, or do we act to PREVENT Mutual Assured Destruction?

Human Events interviewed a number of Senators who had voted to (in effect) continue the policy which would potentially turn Moscow (or Peking) and New York into glass-encrusted deserts.

Among them was Herb Kohl. This is the transcript. You can't make this stuff up...

Q) There was a filibuster in 1998 against the Missile Defense Act and you voted in favor of the filibuster, and now, in light of recent events in North Korea, would you still have cast that vote? Or do you regret it?

A) Sen. Herb Kohl (D.-Wis.): That’s a long time ago. Who are you writing for?

Q) Human Events.

A) Kohl: I mean, I really can’t answer that. I appreciate your question, but what was that 1997?

Q) 1998.

A) Kohl: Were you born at that time?

Q) Yeah. I was born in ’82. It wasn’t that long ago in the context of things. Do you think you would be more open to it now?

A) Kohl: Open to what?

Q) A missile defense program.

A) Kohl: Oh, for us you mean?

Q) Yes. Not them!

A) Kohl: Well, I’ve got to think about that.

He'll be elected by default, unless the Wigderson Write-In Campaign pulls a shocker.


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Sigh...why is this NOT a surprise.

Nice find

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This is the same level of intelligence he brought to bear during the questioning of our recent Supreme Court nominees. What a great campaign commercial that interview would make for a rival-if he had one.