Monday, July 17, 2006

Terrorism, in Kafka's World

Earlier we posted a few items about "Whopper" Dan Maguire, a traitor to Catholicism and a cancer on the name of Marquette University, to put it politely. Dan is a close friend of Planned Parenthood.

"So What?" you say.

Here's Planned Parenthood's list of Terrorist and Extremist organizations:

American Life League (ALL)
Americans United for Life (AUL)
Christian Coalition
Concerned Women for America (CWA)
Eagle Forum
Family Research Council (FRC)
Feminists for Life of America (FFL)
Focus on the Family
Human Life International (HLI)
Life Dynamics Incorporated (LDI)
Missionaries to the Preborn
National Right to Life Committee (NRLC)
Operation Save America (formerly known as Operation Rescue)
Pro-Life Action League (PLAL)
STOPP International, aka STOPP Planned Parenthood

These organizations can always use contributions!

HT: The Curt Jester


Billiam said...

Wow, I have serious terrorist potential! Dirka Dirka!! They should change the name from Planned Parenthood to Murder Inc.

Other Side said...

I don't know. If we bring the National Guard home, we can always keep them occupied by turning them loose on those wacko groups.

I mean really ... the Christian Coalition, for one, is run by a bunch of looney tunes.

I have more respect for your beliefs, daddio, than those clowns collectively.

Terrence said...


Thank you for posting about this story. Please include a link here, which is the blog that broke this story.

Thank you!

Go Pundit Go

Dad29 said...

Other Side--the inclusion of ALL (the Wisconsin affiliate is ProLife Wisconsin,) FRC, FFL, HLI, PLAL, and NLRC is strictly rhetorical crap. NONE of those organizations are even close to "violent."

And as to Eagle: PP's still pissed off that Phyllis busted their chops on the "Equal Rights" amendment.

Hildebeeste/Shrillary continues to use the term "terrorism" with deliberate ambiguity--and this list is precisely why. She'd be more than happy to put all the members of all these organizations on Gitmo.

Another good reason to be VERY careful with the terms of the Patriot Act, by the way.

TERRENCE: You have your link--you put it up. Frankly, I don't go three or four levels deep to find who started what.