Thursday, July 13, 2006

US Department of Labor: Jobs You CANNOT Do

One wonders who the United States' DoL thinks is paying their salaries:

Most of us in the computer industry are aware that discrimination againstU.S. workers is widespread. There are many companies that simply do not hire U.S. workers in favor of foreign guestworkers.

In the past this practice of discrimination has taken place under cover. We knew who these companies were and did not bother applying. They knew that if they received a resume from a U.S. worker that it was probably a test.

The practice of "H-1B only" hiring has become so established that employers now feel free to engage in it openly. Over the past few weeks I have found over 1,500 "H-1B only" ads from over 350 employers.

...Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, discrimination based upon immigration status is illegal. ...

...we allege that H-1B dependent employers are not recruiting U.S. workers in "Good Faith". So far we have not had much success with complaints to the Department of Labor. For our first attempt we sent copies of 130 advertisements from a single employer. The Department of Labor responded that this was not sufficient evidence to investigate.

If 130 ads stating the company prefers H-1B holders or that only H-1Bholders can apply is not sufficient evidence to even investigate, what is?

Cute, eh?

Evidently Ms. Chao at DoL has a new category in the making: "Jobs Americans Will Not Be ALLOWED to Do"--conveniently enforced by the US Department of Labor.

(Source: newsletter)


Billiam said...

Sounds like she's a follower of globalization George.

Dad29 said...

She's Mitch McConnell's wife, or ex-wife, or something. Cute, but evidently bought-and-paid for by Bill Gates and his gang.