Monday, July 31, 2006

How To Handle Poncho-Ladies (and Their Friends)

Just in case you were wondering whether you should throw a welcome-home party for the Poncho-Lady from Waukesha who recently excommunicated herself near Pittsburgh, my advice is DON'T!

Although the Milwaukee Chancery's position on this is not too clear, (they told Ms Vandenberg to take a "time-out" in the corner to think about her proposed action), and the Milwaukee Chancery has not published the implications for Ms. Vandenberg's Catholic friends, it is clear that the Pittsburgh Chancery has thought about it.

With Mike having done all the legal research, here's the easy-to-read version, courtesy of the Pittsburgh Chancery:

This unfortunate ceremony will take place outside the Church and undermines the unity of the Church. Those attempting to confer Holy Orders have, by their own actions, removed themselves from the Church, as have those who present themselves for such an invalid ritual.

Additionally, those who by their presence give witness and encouragement to this fundamental break with the unity of the People of God place themselves outside the Church.

This separation is not a discipline, judgment or mandate of the Church. Nor is it the result of opinion or advocacy of a theological view by those involved. Rather, by conducting and taking part in such a ceremony, it is the choice of the participants to place themselves outside the community of believers.

They also sin who only stand and applaud...

Of course, this interesting little disciplinary note MAY also apply to the Catholic "friends" of the ex-RC priest (now Episcopal) , Fr. Leannah, who married a Liturgeist/Religious Ed-type from a local parish recently in a Northwest side Episcopal church this past Saturday.


Anonymous said...

The video gets cut off at the end, but I believe that's the new Reverend Mother from Waukesha on the left side right at the beginning of the clip:

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More video.