Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Law Enforcement Quotas

Feel like you're being written up for no particularly good reason?

You are.

1) TSA apparently has a written policy that each Air Marshal must report at least one Surveillance Detection Report (a fancy term for a suspicious person report) per month. Of course, being the subject of SDR can lead to being put on a watch list. But failure to make the quota is taken as proof that the Marshal isn't being alert. (HT: Of Arms and the Man)

2) One of the children tells me that the recent spate of silliness on Wisconsin highways was merely a method of collecting Federal moneys. Lots of motorists were pulled over for "5-over-the-limit" violations (huh???), only to get a warning for the speed--but a TICKET for not wearing a seatbelt. (I was among them, of course.)

The seatbelt violation was the Federal-money rider. Seems the more tix written for seatbelt violations, the more grant munnies were given to the coppers.


Brian Michael Page said...

Up here speeding is the big ticket. Problem is - in most of Rhode Island, there are roads that are geared for 35-40 mph that are posted at 25 mph, roads geared for 50 are posted 35-40 tops. People know those speed limits are ridiculously low in RI, so they take them as a joke - bam - the instant state revenue generator (and many cities and towns here too). For a small state, we're big on corruption.
PS: You've made our blogroll, friend. Your turn! ;)

steveegg said...

That's how the federales get around the inability to Constitutionally mandate primary seat-belt-usage enforcement.

Have you tried the "I only took off my seat belt so I could get to my wallet and show you my driver's license" defense?

Completely off-topic - congrats on breaking Jessica McBride's blogroll again :-)

Brian Michael Page said...

Have you tried the "I only took off my seat belt so I could get to my wallet and show you my driver's license" defense?

That ALWAYS works around here. Then when I get the speeding ticket (which here is the greater of the two fines), he decides not to hold the seat belt crap against me.

One former dayjob co-worker once did this:
Cop: Do you have a medical reason why you're not wearing your seat belt?
My former co-worker: No, I have a political reason why I'm not wearing my seat belt!

Now there's an unexpected reply from the driver, eh?