Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Starts Good, Gets Bad

Here's the headline from the subscriber email:

IRS Headquarters Will Remain Closed for Months;

Then comes the bad news:

Tax Administration Operations Continue As Employees Relocate

And then, the REST of the story:

The Internal Revenue Service and General Services Administration announced today initial findings from GSAs flood damage report on the IRSs Headquarters Building at 1111 Constitution Ave. NW. According to the GSA assessment, complete building restoration wont be complete until about the first of the year due to extensive damage the buildings infrastructure sustained during last months heavy rainfall.

The IRS and GSA are also developing plans for a possible phased-in return of employees to the building over the course of the fall.

The lengthy delay reflects the heavy damage sustained during the record rainfall. Critical parts of the buildings electrical system and heating and air conditioning systems were destroyed or heavily damaged during the record rainfall. The equipment is located in the buildings subbasement, which was submerged in more than 20 feet of water.

And just to quash your hopes:

A review is currently underway to determine what steps need to be taken to ensure this type of damage would not occur again in a comparable storm.

No matter the message from the heavens, IRS will continue.

I knew that, but...

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