Saturday, July 22, 2006

Milwaukee DA: No Charges in Pizza Delivery Shooting

The Milwaukee County DA's office has decided not to file charges:

A 35-year-old pizza delivery man who shot a 14-year-old boy he said was trying to rob him won't face criminal charges.

Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Irene Parthum, who reviewed the July 14 incident, said Andres Vegas of Cudahy was acting in self-defense when he shot the boy, who himself was wielding a BB gun pistol. Police said at the time that the 14-year-old suffered non-life-threatening wounds to the shoulder, hand and buttock.

Parthum also said Vegas, who had been delivering a pizza in the 2400 block of N. 34th St. at the time of the shooting, won't be charged for carrying a concealed firearm because he had been robbed during a delivery last year and, under state weapons law, had a reasonable belief he needed to protect himself.

The 14-year-old and a 13-year-old who may have been his accomplice could be charged next week in Children's Court, prosecutors there said.

The decision follows the guidelines of the recent WI Supremes' decision, which remains controversial because of its "Mommy, May I?" tone and content.

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