Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another Bacharach/Haugen Day

Local parish this week featured the return of the yout' musik gang.

Talented kid whose education in music avoided anything having to do with Catholic music for worship, but evidently DID include Burt Bacharach and the omnipresent HaugenHaas. Therefore we were treated to two styles of music; the insipid and VERY dated Bacharach-lite prelude (why? cui bono? ) and the monomelodic H-H stuff, which turned into a full aural assault after Communion, apparently driven by the thesis that quiet reflection must be herded out, by force if necessary.

Or perhaps the musician wants the congregation to gain empathy with the inhabitants of the Southern part of Lebanon.

Singing was slavishly fixed on the "drag-an-entrance-note method" made popular by modern-blues/pop types who are pitch-deprived and/or who must create "emotion" by grinding their voice toward an actual note on the scale. American Idol contestants are fascinated by this particularly annoying trick. Makes them,, I guess.

I thought this method was drug- or alcohol-induced, originally.

The talented yout' brings his own heavy-handed (to be kind) rhythm-guitar player, enhancing the bop-a-doodle effect of the piano, thus ensuring that the song binds forever to Earth what should in theory rise to heaven, (or at least to a point north of the hips of the congregation.)

Ah, well.

Priest/celebrant forgot his chasuble, too.

Musta been the weather.

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Brian Michael Page said...

Won't hear that crap in my church, although I don't mind listening to Bacharach every now and then outside of church.
We had a treat at two Masses this morning - my boss is out in Steubenville. Fr. Tom Kocik (author of "The Reform of the Reform?") was guest celebrant for the 7:30 and 9:00 Masses this morning.