Friday, July 14, 2006

Completing Jessica's Picture

Jessica's post on the City of Milwaukee's newest venture into the Land of Oz is incomplete.

More accurately, the picture she shows is misleading in the extreme.

See YOUR City fathers have decided to spend $800K to build a steam-heated plaza which will support a bamboo plantation. Perhaps there will be a plaque yapping about Global Warming, or maybe about nostalgia for South Vietnam, or maybe a review of Buck's The Good Earth...who knows?

But one thing we DO know: steam-heated areas in the City attract a form of life NOT depicted in Jessica's picture.

We thought we'd give you a hint:


steveegg said...

Look at the source she had to work with.

Other Side said...

Jessica's last line from her post:

"Hey, I've got some weird ideas ...."

It's the first honest thing she's said in over a year.