Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Survey Says!!: Sykes, Xoff and Dad29 Not Bloggers

Oh was nice faking it:

Bloggers are a predominantly young group of Internet users

The people they are reading on the online blogs are a young, ethnically diverse group. They are mostly newcomers to writing — often writing about their own experiences. More than half of bloggers are under age 30.

...and politics is NOT the #1 topic--rather, it's their own lives.

So apparently Sykes, Xoff, McMahon, Dad29, and Blosser the Elder (inter alia) are a distinct minority.

Youth was fleeting, eh?


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

That's only because they count the popular site as a blog.

steveegg said...

Guess I'm over the hill too :-)

Anonymous said...

Write in for U.S. Senator caddidate James Wigderson too.
Wiggy, nobody's blogging Senator but yours!

Billiam said...

Shucks, time to put me out to pasture, eh? I only wish Sykes took comments. To me, at least, that's the cool thing about blogging. Being able to discuss in comment form, the issue written about. Dad, you're my blogging hero!! LOL

Rick Esenberg said...

It has been amazing to me how old you guys are are.

xoff said...

When I was 6o I couldn't even spell blog and now I are one.

Or something like that.