Monday, July 31, 2006

Inaccurate to the Point of Asinine--the AP

Here's an excerpt of the AP story on the women's "ordination"/Poncho-Lady scheduled for today outside of Pittsburgh:

Liberal Catholics say the ongoing clergy shortage and the dramatic rise in female lay leaders in American churches will eventually create pressure to ordain women. More lay people than priests are working full-time in American parishes and a significant number of the lay leaders are women.

But conservatives believe only males can be priests, as evidenced by Jesus' choice of men to be his apostles and the church's long tradition of only allowing men to serve.

The AP writer, Ms Jennifer Yates, establishes a false dichotomy. A Church teaching which is based on the explicit statements, actions, (or inactions) of Christ is irreformable. The Church has no power to change this teaching, any more than it has the power to change the law of gravity.

The monicker "conservative" placed apposite "liberal" would lead most people to think that there is a "moderate" position.

Sorry--no such position is available if one wishes to remain within the Church, and these sadly misled women will, by their action of today, be out of the Church--excommunicated.

We should pray for them, and for accurate reporting by the AP.

Ms. Yates should try again

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