Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Longest Debate on Blog OR FreeRepublic

Evidently a member of the Blogosphere has decided it may be time to purchase a self/home-defense firearm. This is related to some recent blog-o-scuffles which may or may not be serious; that's not the point.

If you think you've seen long commentary/post/re-post/ri-poste on such topics as Gay Marriage, Court nominations, or Healthy Snacks--you have not seen commentary.

Go here for an example of REALLY long commentary.

Or take the short course: buy a .38/357 revolver and a good flashlight. Shotguns make a mess of wallboard (or plaster.) Semi-autos can confuse women-folk.

And my daughters are friggin' DEADLY with the .357, in less than 20 rounds' practice.


Anonymous said...

Dad, guess what I did? I almost shot the star out of the paper at one of those carnival shooting stands. There was just a bit of the star hanging on. You're impressed and proud of me, aren't you?

Dad29 said...

Good work.

You should try it with a real weapon. Just keep it pointed downrange...

Fun, ain'a?

Fidei Defensor said...

So you would not recommend using a .303 bolt action rifle for home defense? Haha