Saturday, July 22, 2006

McMiller Today

The kids love it--going to McMiller to put holes in paper--so we try to get out there at least once a year when the weather's decent.

Today, we'll have 2 daughters and a son who will spend quality time with a pellet rifle, a few pistols, and the .30-06.

It will be my 12-year-old's first experience with the "big boomer." She's a bit small for her age, but a tough kid--won't admit it if her shoulder is sore--so I expect she'll try 3 rounds, anyway.

For the daughters who could NOT make today's trip, we were at Fletcher's during the week. Used the .357 Dan Wesson (iron sights) and a Ruger 'slabside' SS 6" barrel .22LR (red-dot sights.)

They did quite well with the weapons at 10 yards, and they brought home the silhouette targets to prove it. Should be hanging on their walls as a gentle reminder...

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