Sunday, July 16, 2006

Parents: Send YOUR Kid to UW-Madison!

Hell, when UW-Mad employs instructors who think like this, it's obviously a top-flight education:

Barrett on the US Armed Forces: Our troops are “Christian terrorists” occupying Iraq who played “Christian heavy metal death rock” (played what?) prior to the invasion to get their bad terrorist selves pumped up.

Also, he claimed that the Mossad had been caught setting up al-Qaeda cells in “Palestine,” but shortly after that cited a BBC program to support his assertion that al-Qaeda doesn’t really exist.

Daniel Pearle was killed by our own CIA . . . he was getting too close to the truth of 9/11

Videos of captives supposedly being killed by terrorists have actually been faked by a psychological warfare unit linked to Mossad and Western intelligence.

The U.S. government was behind the Oklahoma City bombing

Vice President Cheney “who is the most likely 9/11 suspect is very likely to find himself hanged for treason within the next year”

All of this bolsters the "academic reputation" of UW-Madison how?

HT: The (Very Happy) MARQUETTE Warrior

PS: If I were the admissions officer for ANY OTHER Big 10 school, I'd have The Sayings of UW's Kevin Barrett printed up as part of a mass-mailing to high-school kids.


Brad said...

Unfortunately the kids will run into this kind of stuff in most major US universities. Might be time to "home college."

Anonymous said...

DaddyO, check any college rating guide you want and you will find that UW-Madison is one of the top universities in the United States. One nutty instructor teaching one course for one semester does not lower Wisconsin to the level of, say, Marquette University.

Try to have a little perspective.

Dad29 said...

That was yesterday, Anony.

Today's a new day...

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight... The fact that Barrett is an instructor for one class during one semester means that the Wisconsin chemistry, engineering, biochemistry, bacteriology, and other science departments, the medical school, the law school, the school of education, and other colleges and departments have all gone to pot and are no longer nationally ranked?

Get a grip -- your own intellectual shortcomings are showing.

Dad29 said...

Of course not.

But it's fun to wind your clock.

BTW, one can legitimately be suspicious of the UW School of Law.

Amy said...

My favorite thing was his insistence during a "Hannity & Colmes" interview that Fox News should be "taken off the air".

If you haven't seen the video, it's a treat because it's obvious how unhinged the guy is.

Anon, it *is* a black mark on the record of UW-Madison that they would allow someone like Barrett to teach there.

Especially since one of the Regents emailed a concerned person and basically said that fact and truth don't matter, and that anyone's opinion could be considered "truth".

It may not mean that UW-M is no longer "nationally ranked", but if THIS guy is floating around on campus and insists that 60% of the people on campus agree with his crackpot theories, I - as a parent paying tuition and taxes - have every right to be concerned and to avoid sending my child to that school.