Friday, July 14, 2006

The Definitive Essay on Anne Coulter's "Plagiarism"

Fortunately, some Web-blogger has summarized the story on Coulter's alleged plagiarism for us:

Determined to find something to attack Coulter for besides her looks, a nonpartisan and incredibly hissy amatuer investigator ran everything she’s ever said or scribbled down since grade school through a state-of-the-art pattern recognition program. What he learned threatened to sour the proudly objective researcher against conservative pundits forever.

According to John Barrie, a Professym of Indigenous Norwegian Prophylactic Juggling at the University of Berkeley, most of the words Coulter uses in her books and columns have been used before, by other writers, and occasionally in the same sequences. In many cases, these sequences are hardly coincidental. As Barrie discovered, Coulter would often take someone else’s words, replace them with her own, shuffle them around, and sometimes go so far as to change the entire sentence structure around to conceal her crime. That’s plagiarism, folks, and leave it up to conservatives to turn it into something dirty.

The same blogger sums up Anne's output as follows:

You don’t have to read any of Ann Coulter's columns or books to know what a hate-fueled orgy of lies, half-truths, and lies they are. I can’t even begin to describe every single lie that she has put to pen in her entire career. Her lies are more abundant than the stars, more plentiful than zits at a Daily Kos convention. Let’s face it: She’s a lying liar who lies.

Actually, precisely that train of "thought" has been used by a Milwaukee blogger to describe Coulter's work on Joseph McCarthy, the most significant patriot EVER to go to the Senate from Wisconsin.

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