Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Holmes Folks are Right-On Parents!!

Some parents know how to parent:

The buzz is that Tom Cruise will marry the mother of his daughter Suri in late July or early August in a Scientology ceremony to be performed by church leader David Miscavige.

What’s more, Holmes’ par­ents, devout Catholics Martin and Kathleen, intend to skip the actual ceremony, a “friend” of Cruise reportedly told Life & Style Weekly.

A spokesman for the couple denies the story, but the mag quotes a “family friend” as saying, that Martin and Kathleen Holmes are “not happy” with their daughter’s “choice of where to marry.” Martin Holmes allegedly told the friend, “Katie can have a proper Catholic wedding her whole family will gladly be a part of.”

Katie Holmes initially wanted a Catholic wedding, but “realized she’d never win the argument about having a Catholic wedding,” a Holmes family friend reportedly told the mag. “She knows that if she had rejected Scientology, her relationship with Tom could’ve ended.”

Too bad, Katie, but you made your bed. Nighty-night.


Dymphna said...

What kind of life is this? It sounds like when Tom says jump she responds, "Yes Master."

Dad29 said...

Yah, hey.

Apparently that's her idea of marriage, or something.