Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Eddie Eagle and Your Wife

Was able to spend a pleasant evening listening to a speaker who is very passionate about the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. He's a former (32-year) police officer, and a nationally-recognized armed self-defense trainer.

The attendees' single most interesting common characteristic was that they all appeared to be 'regular' folks. No airs, no haute couture, no diamond-dripping neckwear. The crowd at Summerfest would have been indistinguishable from these people.

Not surprisingly, Green and VanHollen were represented; Bucher showed up in person for the cocktail hour. Kramer, a candidate for the (R)/97th primary, also was there.

So to the headline:

The NRA has long sponsored the Eddie Eagle program. Eddie visits grade-schools and teaches the children what to do if they see an unattended weapon: in brief, 1) STOP! 2) DON'T TOUCH!! 3) LEAVE THE AREA!! and 4) TELL AN ADULT!!!

Sensible, easy to remember, and drilled into the kids' heads.

The very droll speaker, Massad Ayoob, observed that those instructions would be the very same ones your wife would give you if you observed an unattended Delicious Young Thing...

Final takeaway: Dump Doyle!!

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