Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Hospitals, Be Warned! Lawsuit Time!

 Below we mentioned that hospitals are mandating The Vax for all their employees, contractors, volunteers, doctors, get the picture.

It would be a shame if P.I. lawyers were to sue the living crap out of them, no?

...Further, however, and far more importantly, is the fact that with the emerging evidence on Ct reports from so-called "breakthrough" cases it is becoming very clear that vaccinated people in health care settings are actively dangerous as if and when they get a breakthrough case they will be more likely to spread the virus to others as their infected state will not be known as rapidly and reliably as with someone who has not been vaccinated, and by the point of detection their viral load will be materially higher.

This is exactly what occurred in the early months where health care workers were the vector into vulnerable people and killed themWe knew this was a risk and refused to isolate health care workers from the general population.  It is now clear that this is very likely to happen again but this time is being "boosted" by the jabs. ...

So.  A hospital patient gets the Wuhan Flu from a vaccinated hospital worker and dies.  Don't believe the Ticker?  How about the INVENTOR of mRNA?

Habush, Cannon, Warshafsky, Gruber, .........ALL of them.........will fight like Hell to take that case.

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