Sunday, July 25, 2021

Naomi Wolf (!!) vs. The Regime: What's Next?

Most of you recall that Naomi Wolf was a Clinton-ite back in the day.  She has not really changed her politics since then, but she's seeing the Totalitarian Statism of the Biden* regime and is yelling as loud as she can.

For that purpose, she's teamed up with Steve Bannon; he is impressed with her ability to call the next move(s) in advance.  In this segment of War Room, (#1120) Wolf predicts that the Totalitarian State will soon be defining "health" in any way they want, and quashing opposing voices.  She mentions e.g., will the State declare that it is "healthy" only to have TWO children?

We'll ask another:  at what point in time will the State migrate their definition to include 'the health of the State' so the Totalitarian State can declare that anyone over the age of 85 must die for "health"?  Or that children born with spina bifida or scoliosis, or Downs, should be eliminated for "health"?

Think she's a bit over the edge?  Think I am?

How long have those "15 days to slow the spread" lasted, friend? 

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Anonymous said...

She is correct. Time and time again we see that the extreme has quickly become the norm, in fact with lightning speed. Somewhere in Alinsky's Rules it must say go quickly, shock and awe, overwhelm with with BS and lies and fear. This is what they do. Clearly we see ratcheted up threats, and Antifa or leftist bullies dispatched to threaten any naysayers. Tucker Carlson tries to go with his child to a bait shop and gets assaulted. CRT proponents say people must die who oppose CRT and that gets out there as a license, because there is no pushback. Message received, by the demonic hordes and the paid demonic thugs.
Will the regime use actual force to jab Americans, once it becomes clear many don't want it? Who would declare they would not, given the thuggery we have seen. What is interesting is, many black Americans do not want the jab. They don't want it by large margins, apparently. How is the Biden administration, who is ignoring the thousands of invaders at the border who have Covid (they are free to reject the jab) going to force many black Americans into getting a jab they don't want? Are they really? Are they going to do the absurd, and say only white Americans have to be jabbed? That would probably open the floodgates. But that's too ridiculous. Could never happen. Right?