Friday, July 23, 2021

Mission Creep? No. Mission Gallop!

 Not that long ago, "mission creep" described how governments grew by assuming more and more 'duties' and--of course--sucking up more and more taxes, too.

Now it's Mission Gallop.  Some might even say "Totalitarian Gallop."  That's described in an essay noting that Biden* wants to make the 9mm handgun illegal.

...Yep, one day, they just want to allow same-sex couples to get married. The next day, drag queens read to prepubescent kids at the local library, and naked men walk around your daughter’s locker room.

One day, it’s “two weeks to slow the spread,” and here we sit, more than a year later, right back talking about mask mandates and shutdowns.

One day, it’s DACA. The next day, the borders are wide open....

And from "assault rifles" to the 9mm handgun.  Self-defense?  Nah.  Use a handy tree branch or skillet, or sumpin'sumpin.

Hey, MashedPotatoBrain:  good luck with that.

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