Saturday, July 24, 2021

Schadenfreude, Defined

Har de Har Har Har:

Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard are the premier summer stomping grounds for obnoxious libs who enjoy feeling morally superior to their fellow Americans. According to science, however, they have also become COVID-19 hotspots as reckless libs flee to the beach in droves.

The Massachusetts vacation havens like to boast that they are some of the most-vaccinated locales in the country. They aren't so boastful of late, or at least they shouldn't be. A Fourth of July outbreak in Cape Cod's Provincetown has resulted in at least 250 confirmed cases, prompting local officials to issue an advisory urging people to wear masks indoors.

Following the July 4 weekend on Martha's Vineyard, health officials reported more new COVID-19 cases in four days than they had in the previous six weeks....

 Lock 'em all inside their palaces and shut down all the restaurants and bars.  Send the storm-troops to forcibly vaccinate all of them again.  Then fit them with quadruple masks.


susan said...

watched 12 Monkeys for the 1st time last night....pretty sure 'They' used that (along with Camp of the Saints, 1984, and Brave New World) as a blueprint. :(

Anonymous said...

If you liked the movie, the 4 season tv show is excellent.