Monday, July 19, 2021

What Follows Election Audits?

It's becoming more and more obvious that Biden* may be the President in fact, but he's NOT the President due to a fair election.  Arizona is now exposed, Georgia is half-naked, and Wisconsin will be unveiled, no matter the unwillingness of Speaker Vos.

Let's just postulate that Trump actually won (that's bait for the juvenile who ALWAYS drops a nay-saying comment here.)  That will be flat-out demonstrated.  No question about it.  Democrats will see it and know the truth, no matter how much they may dislike it.

Play along....

Biden will not be "dis-elected."  There's no Constitutional method for that.  Lindell will be disappointed, but he's hardly the only one.

What WILL happen?

The Administration--along with Congressional Democrats--will have totally lost the allegiance of more than half of US voters.  Nothing they do will have credibility, and the more drastic actions they are now proposing may incite .......ahhh...........demonstrations.  Yup.  That's the word.

They will not have the consent of the governed; they will have lost the ability to govern.

Timing is important here, as there are plenty of foreign enemies who would LOVE to see a totally-crippled Commander-in-Chief.

The '22 elections will result in a Pubbie landslide.  Congressional Democrats will be massacred.  

Why?  Because moderate Democrats (there are such) will be very offended by the fraud perpetrated in their name, and because the Bernie-Communist-BLM-Antifa crowd will NOT vote in appreciable numbers for Democrats although they may vote for CPUSA members/third-party wackdoodles which will assure more Republican victories.

And with any luck, every damned Big Spend program will be repealed, the Fed will raise Fed-Fund rates to 7-10%, and several thousand Gummint employees will be summarily fired.  They know who they are.

Yah, well, that's what you should pray for, anyway. 


William said...

Sunshine and lollipops. I'll be surprised if that many "moderate" democrats will be offended or upset. I haven't met too many with that level of honor. They'll excuse it because of their hatred of Trump. I hope I'm wrong but I've become very cynical these last 20 years.

Johnno said...

And despite all the Republican victories, the Republicans will continue doing everything the Democrats were going to do anyway. At best maybe a little watered down.

We should postulate about what happens then! What is the American public at large going to do? Try again in another 4 years?

Also never underestimate evil. They will just manufacture a new crisis to permanently seize power. They're already preparing for that, which is why they are openly demonizing the "white racist republican" base, while the establishment Republicans look on and approve.

Or they'll just brazenly consider that ending democracy is necessary for the common good and elect their chairperson for life.

Anonymous said...

"Arizona is now exposed..."

Indeed, as Trumpian agitprop theatre. The review is being conducted by Cyber Ninjas which has no experience in auditing elections. Their spokesperson said made clear that this unexplained 74,000-plus ballot gap between the county's list of mail-in ballots received and its list of mail was not necessarily a case of fraud...yet Trump's allies stated differently. "In Arizona, 74,000 ballots were counted with no record of being sent in. That's not normal. That's not right. That's not safe nor is it secure," said Lauren Boebert. Her message is patently false.

Trump lost. At least Epstein didn't kill himself.

Dad29 said...

Ah! Our little 13-year-old Sykes wannabee has returned safe from summer camp!!