Saturday, July 31, 2021

Lilly King for President!

 Never heard of her?

Surber got a note from one of his readers.  (If you are NOT one of his readers, become one.  Now.)

"Last weekend American swimmer Lilly King came in third. She was the hands down favorite to win gold, which went to another American, Lydia Jacoby.

"NBC interviewed both swimmers, congratulating Jacoby on her win before turning to King.

"The interviewer asked King, 'How do you feel about coming in third in a race you were the overwhelming favorite to win?'

"And then Lilly King said this: 'I'm proud to win a bronze medal for my country.'

"It's really easy to see the blue-haired, woke and insufferable athletes make the Olympics into a joke. But there are still the Lilly Kings out there. And as an American, I'm proud of her."

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