Sunday, July 18, 2021

Elmbrook District's Talking Points on Sex Ed

When you need the Elmbrook School District's talking points, read the Patch.

Quick background:  some parents in the Elmbrook district discovered that their third-grade students were able to access two books which contained arguably obscene content.  (To us, there's no "argument" about it.)

That information was run in a conservative news outlet nationwide.  Then a local (and very successful) public-interest lawfirm wrote a nastygram to the extremely ambitious Superintendent of Elmbrook, a fellow named Mark Hansen.

Immediately after the national press/lawfirm publicity, Elmbrook "pulled" the two books from circulation for ALL grade levels and stated that the books would be reviewed by committee.  That prevents any parents or taxpayers from reviewing the books, by the way.  Exactly like the little kid wiping the chocolate from his puss while denying that he ate the Hershey's bar.

Here's where the talking-points fun begins.

The [law firm] also asserted that the district was not following Wisconsin state Section 118.019, which regulates human growth and development instruction, by having the books in its library.

OK, then....

Wisconsin law doesn't address LGBTQ people or topics in sex education and has no laws that specifically exclude or require LGBTQ topics in curricula, according to the State Policy Database website.

 Patch (and the District) forgot to mention the law's phrase "age-appropriate."

The objection was NOT to LGBTQ instruction; the District--and its typist-"reporter"-- know that perfectly well.

They just decided that the readers didn't need to know that.  That's called "talking points."  That's why J-school twits have zero credibility.

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