Thursday, July 22, 2021

Abp. Listecki on the Old Rite

The Archbishop of Milwaukee has issued a notice regarding Pp. Francis' guidelines which are designed to quash the Extraordinary Form (Latin Mass.)  This could be called "cautious."

  • Much of what is contained in this motu proprio is already in effect in the Archdiocese.
  • There is no indication that among those who celebrate Eucharist according to the 1962 Missal locally there is any wholesale denial of the validity and legitimacy of the liturgical reform of Vatican II.
  • Celebration of the Eucharist according to the 1962 Missal will continue at St. Stanislaus church, recently acquired by a separate holding corporation. There is no limitation on what days that Mass may be celebrated.
  • Celebrations according to the 1962 Missal on occasion in other places will be coordinated by a priest to be appointed by the Archbishop as his delegate.
  • Priests who are currently celebrating Eucharist according to the 1962 Missal are simply to notify Archbishop Listecki of their desire to continue doing so and explain the circumstances under which they will celebrate.


Mar said...

"Celebration of the Eucharist according to the 1962 Missal will continue at St. Stanislaus church, recently acquired by a separate holding corporation."
Sperate holding corporation?
What does that mean?

P. O'Brien said...

Good boy, Jerry. And Tom Paprocki in Springfield is solid on this issue. And even Wilton is pondering things. Good old Quigley South men coming through when it counts! Of course this old Quigley South guy would happily disobey Francis, if it came to that.

Mr. Janney said...

Quigley North boy here, at least freshman year '65-'66. I had now-bishops Vlasny & Kelleher as teachers.

1966 was the highwater mark for all things Catholic. Not surprising that South opened '61 and not surprising it closed '90.

Bishop Paprocki I consider one of a handful of leaders among American bishops. Wilton, Listecki, Kincanas not reliably Catholic.

The North gym was affectionately known as "The Shoebox." I was on the frosh-soph bball team and playing in South's gym was like playing the Chicago Stadium.

P. O'Brien said...

Mr. Janney, how can I not respond? QPS class of '68 here. Good Catholic place for at least my first three years. I played banjo (!!??) at Mass in my senior year. Now I play the organ at a Traditional Latin Mass. People change!! North and South are both gone now -- evidence of the New Springtime of Vatican II.

Mr. Janney said...

P.O'brien: You weren't referring to "Springtime for Hitler in Germany" were you? Oh no, that other marvelous springtime.

You underscore the '66 highwater mark, as your '67-'68 senior year had you on liturgical banjo.

Excellent that you are organist at TLM. You have quite a few in Chicago area. I sang choir at Ascension Oak Park under Aloysius Trnka, who also was 1st cello w/Chgo Symphony. He was more or less the one who set the music for the entire diocese, at least according to his daughter.

P. O'Brien said...

Mr. Janney, I moved away from Chicago 47 years ago, now out in Denver, which has turned into a very Traditional Mass friendly town. The FSSP has about 1,500 in attendance every Sunday for five Masses, and there are four archdiocesan parishes with the Old Mass. I know of five priests ordained five years or less who say the Old Mass. Plus for the "risk-takers," the SSPX church here is doing fine as well. (I've taken a few risks myself.)

Mr. Janney said...

I'll share that fantastic report on the growth of FSSP & SSPX in Denver. I hadn't known. I made a similar exodus from Chitown to Hawaii many years ago. But unlike Denver, this Modernist diocese, chopped up by islands, has made access to TLM extremely difficult.

SR said...

Simply, "Institute Of Christ The King Sovereign Priest", oversight shepherding Order of Saint Stanislous ORATORY, has purchased, outright, lock/stock/barrel, all assets and real estate of Saint Stanislaus from The ArchDiocese Of Milwaukee, ostensibly to hedge against any entity "pulling the rug out from underneath" The LTC Latin Tridentine Community of Saint Stanislaus. LTC of StStan, and StStan itself, is an ORATORY, which, officially, answers DIRECTLY and ONLY to ROME. LTC conciliatorily cooperate with the local (Milwaukee) ArchDiocese but don't have to if they don't want to. StStan ORATORY answers directly and only to ROME. After years of hefty financial and logistical investment and growth-building, ICK does NOT want all of it pulled out from under them. Actually, not an unsmart move, from an Order that pales in the shadow of the trustworthiness of FSSP and/or SSPX. ICK is fine, but third in line in trustworthiness behind the other two. ICK ulterior motives always kinda smell like secular materialism, ie, the vicious circle of acquisition of money and control, in perpetuity. In any event, ICK simply created a seperate holding company to make the purchase. No big deal, nothing covert or conspiratorially "spy vesus spy" here. Just a business entity to make the buy, that's all. There HAS been years of invested money in the physical Church and hard work evangelization verily doubling the size of The Congregation. Don't really blame ICK for not wanting to lose all of that. If there are other more covert, or even nefarious, reasons for the buy, am not yet privy to that knowledge. Could be. Who ever really knows nowadays?