Saturday, July 24, 2021

Dems Score MAJOR Out-of-State Money

The State Democrat Party is awash in money, with serious dollars coming from out-of-state characters.

...the state Dem Party raised $4.2 million through its main state account during the first six months of the year, fueled largely by donations from a dozen donors.

Those contributors collectively gave the party nearly $3.8 million, including a $960,000 donation from Madison surgeon Elise Lawson....

...The other top donations to the state Dem Party included: Dem megadonor George Soros, $500,000; Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn [California], $490,000; Karla Jurvetson, a California doctor, $490,000; Edward Snowdon, a New York theatrical producer, $200,000; Milwaukee philanthropist Lynde Uihlein, $150,000; William Reeves, of Hawaii, $140,000; Robert Price, co-founder and chair of PriceSmart Inc [California]., $140,000; Stephen Silberstein, a California retiree, $90,000; and Deborah Kern, a member of the Kern Family Foundation, $80,000....

Uihlein throws large money at baby-killer Planned Barrenhood.  Kern is a newer player, as the Kern Foundation (sale of Generac) is only a few years old.

Meantime, the State Pubbies, largely a group of inert Madistan-groupthink jellyfish, have less money.   


Deserving candidates will get money.  The party itself, when it recovers the $2.3 million it "lost" from the Trump campaign, will have enough to pay for a couple of office workers.

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