Saturday, July 31, 2021

Brit Docs Say CDC Is Full of ........

The sad tale of the CDC and its puppet-master Fauci (plus the drooling kohlrabi Biden*) continues.

CDC circulated an in-house memo proposing that the "Delta variant" spreads as easily as chicken-pox.

Beeee Esssss, say the Brits.

...Professor Livermore said if everyone with Delta was really spreading it to eight others, then Britain's daily Covid cases would not have dipped.

'I don’t find it plausible,' he told MailOnline when asked whether infected patients were truly passing the virus on to so many other people.

'Were it the case, the rise in the UK wouldn’t have stalled in the way that it has.' 

Professor Tang said the R0 value was very hard to work out because it was so difficult to establish exactly how many people an infected person passed the virus on to.

He added, in some cases, the virus may spread to many others by one person because of factors including location, but that in other cases someone may not even pass the virus to anyone.

Professor Tang said: 'If you have someone infected and handing out leaflets by the door of a department store they may not be a super-spreader themselves but just passing it on.

'But if you stand them near a fan you may find there is an R of 20.'...

IOW, the CDC can and will make up any story it can to scare the bejabbers out of citizens--which raises the question "WHY?"


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