Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Ascension Hospitals MANDATE The Vax

Ascension hospitals (Elmbrook, Franklin, All Saints (Racine) sent a memo to all employees requiring vaccination or termination.

...Ascension will require that all associates be vaccinated against COVID-19, whether or not they provide direct patient care, and whether they work in our sites of care or remotely.

This includes associates employed by subsidiaries and partners; physicians and advanced practice providers, whether employed or independent; and volunteers and vendors entering Ascension facilities.

Our timeline for completing the vaccine series and meeting this requirement will be November 12, 2021. This timing is aligned with our annual influenza vaccination requirement and we will follow a similar implementation process....

Prepare for another round of help-wanted ads from them.

Not surprising; all the major Michigan hospital chains did the same in the last couple of months.  You can expect Aurora to follow suit here very soon, as the hospitals are a very tight bunch. 

However, CDC now has data suggesting that Ascension (et al) are doing exactly the wrong thing.

"We are actively conducting outbreak investigations of what’s occurring in places that are having clusters... What we’ve learned in that context, is when we examine the rare breakthrough infections and we look at the amount of virus in those people, it’s pretty similar to the amount of virus in unvaccinated people," Walensky said. ...

The new data suggests that vaccinated people "may be contagious and spread the virus to others," Walensky said....

 Oh.  Well, THAT will help all the patients at Ascension hospitals, no?

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