Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Kevin McCarthy About 60 Years Behind

Sorry, Kevin, but your take is myopic, at best.

When reporters asked him what he thought of Pelosi’s actions, McCarthy responded, stating, “she’s broken Congress,”

Congress hasn't worked as intended--for the benefit of  ALL Americans--for at least 60 years.  Some would argue that it hasn't been representative of US interests for far longer than that, but....



Anonymous said...

All we have to do is get rid of,,,,,

1. 17th amendment - Give the states back there vote in the running of the Federal Government
Think about it, if so many Gals are so willing to kill there children in the womb do you really want them to vote?

3 and Kill the Federal resrve like Ron Paul has told us all along.


Anonymous said...

2. Get rid of the 19th amendment as well... Woman who vote to abort there children should never be giving the right to vote in elections.

Number two disappeared for some reason...