Tuesday, July 27, 2021

China's Non-Kinetic War on the USA

A little while back, we mentioned "non-kinetic" war against the USA.  In that post, we highlighted the shipping bottleneck(s) at US ports caused largely by Covid halts in production and the fits-and-starts re-start of same.

Note well:  Covid--a product of Red China's bio-weapons lab at Wuhan--was a cause.

Now comes more "non-kinetic" war news, courtesy of Peter. 

A long-time U.S. correspondent who prefers to remain anonymous for obvious reasons recently shared his experiences with parts shortages and price increases from previously reliable suppliers in China. Here is his account of the disruptive shift in the supply chain of essential parts from China to the U.S.

China is laying siege to the USA by slowing down production and delivery of goods. It doesn't take much to hang up US production, just one missing item can do it. So much stuff is sourced through China they can affect all supply chains....

...I sent an order to China for printed circuit boards (US prices are astronomical because of various factors). They don't get back for a week, then they quote, then I send money, then they sit on it, then I call and they say they are having problems with some process... etc. But all the suppliers are like this, it is not an isolated incident. They are sandbagging

Good to know that PRC is smack-dab in the middle of our pharmaceutical supply chain, too!

No doubt the Free-Trade bozos and the US Chamber of Commerce (but I repeat myself) have a ready-made response.  During Trump's next term, he should export THEM.

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