Thursday, July 29, 2021

Dead From CoVid Lately? Probably Not

Reading the local Pravda, or listening to the Cassandras (some of them are male) of "health officers" on the evening news, you'd think that the (LEGAL) US population is heading towards 200 million in only a few years.

Well, sorry.  That just is not the case.  A fellow at Harvard Medical School posted it.

Yes, positive tests and hospitalizations are up.  But frankly, who gives a rotten damn about 'positive tests'?  You get the flu, you spend some time in bed, you re-hydrate, you go on with life.  Hospitalizations are serious, but the US knows a lot more about treatment than it did in January of 2020.  If it didn't, the dead bodies would be far more plentiful.

Biden* whined and wailed again today, and mumbled stats which are meaningless without context, like that Bee Ess "99%" claim that doesn't include data on age or pre-existing conditions.


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