Monday, July 26, 2021

Did the Flu REALLY Disappear?

This past winter, Flu-A and Flu-B nearly disappeared from America.

...During September 28, 2020–May 22, 2021 in the United States, 1,675 (0.2%) of 818,939 respiratory specimens tested by U.S. clinical laboratories were positive for an influenza virus. The low level of flu activity during this past season contributed to dramatically fewer flu illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths compared with previous flu seasons. For comparison, during the last three seasons before the pandemic, the proportion of respiratory specimens testing positive for influenza peaked between 26.2% and 30.3%. In terms of hospitalizations, the cumulative rate of laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations in the 2020-2021 season was the lowest recorded since this type of data collection began in 2005....[CDC]

Now there's a hint as to why this happened.

 ...the CDC has recently released a Lab Alert notifying healthcare providers they are withdrawing their emergency use request of the SARS-COV-2 rapid response diagnostic; and informing test centers to adopt new, modified, COVID testing that does not conflate influenza (the flu) with positive results for COVID-19.

This looks like a back-door admission that many of the COVID positive results were actually, perhaps intentionally & purposefully, Flu cases diagnosed as COVID.  If so, this would explain why the number of cases of influenza disappeared over the last 18 months…..

Following the Science!!

Fifteen Days to Flatten Whichever Curve, We Think.  Maybe. 

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