Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Yamahiro Stench

Milwaukee County's judicial system and its D.A. office have been smelling like a rotting corpse for several years.

Yesterday, the stench got worse.

...Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Glenn Yamahiro, who was asked by attorney Kimberley Motley to issue criminal charges against the former Wauwatosa police officer in the on-duty shooting death of Jay Anderson, has a close family tie to Motley and the Andersons...

...Yamahiro is the ex-husband of Deja Vishny, who works for Motley’s law firm on an “of counsel” basis. Vishny has worked extensively with Motley as a literal legal team in her persistent efforts to get Mensah charged with homicide. Yamahiro and Vishny also share a child together; Vishny has served as a high-profile Anderson family attorney in the Mensah matters alongside Motley for months....

 As bad as the D.A.'s office has been, it cleared Mensah.  Mensah was ALSO cleared by the Feds,  notorious pushers of  'civil rights' (unless you trespassed in the Capitol building.)

Aren't you glad you don't live within range of the Yamahiro Stench?

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