Friday, July 16, 2021

The Vaxx: Merely Temporary Protection

Well, ain't this grand!!

The UK and Israel both had early and extreme Vaxx campaigns.

...In the United Kingdom, cases fell about 97 percent. The country had almost as many cases EACH DAY in early January as in all of May. Israel saw a similar trend. And deaths followed cases down.

The drops led to considerable chest-thumping among vaccine advocates and the media. “UK eager for a big reopening thanks to vaccine success,” the Associated Press wrote on May 14.

“Israel to end COVID-19 restrictions after vaccine success,” Reuters parroted nine days later.

Unfortunately, the good news didn’t last. At the beginning of June, Covid cases started to rise in both Israel and Britain. And in the last three weeks, cases have soared, rising 15-fold since mid-May in the United Kingdom....


...In early July, Israel reported that the vaccines appeared to have fallen to 64 percent effectiveness. An independent analyst reported that effectiveness had fallen below 30 percent by the end of the month.

Now advocates are trying to minimize the significance of the fact that vaccinated people are becoming infected by arguing that they are not being hospitalized or dying.

That theory is also falling apart. The number of people hospitalized with severe Covid in Israel has more than doubled since late June. And an Israeli government advisor acknowledged July 5 that more than half of serious Covid cases were occurring in “fully vaccinated” people. (

Data from England and Scotland show similar trends. In Scotland, hospitalizations have risen more than fivefold in the last several weeks. And more than half the people who died of Covid in the last week of June were fully vaccinated....

Maybe it's time to admit that BIOWEAPONS ARE HARD TO ERADICATE.

But then somebody would have to admit that the "China is a competitor, nor an enemy" bullshit is just another Big Lie from the Oligarchy and its servants in D.C.

That won't do, will it?

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