Monday, July 26, 2021

Fraudci's "Science" Misses by a Mile

We all know that "science" and "Fauci" don't belong in the same sentence.  So it's no surprise that he utters fatuous stupidities like this one:

Fauci also told Tapper that there are "two kinds of America," differentiating between the "very vulnerable unvaccinated" and the "really relatively protected vaccinated part." 

Oh, really?

There are no NATURALLY IMMUNE people any more?  In Wisconsin, that's at least 12% of the population, and that number doesn't count the asymptomatic infections, which could easily bring the Wisconsin total to 15% of the population.

Add the 15% to the 50% who took The Vax and you have herd immunity.

THAT is why Fauci ignores the naturally immune.  The objective is to serve his PharmaMasters, not to see to the health of the public.


Anonymous said...

And they can't figure out why Americans are suspicious of their motives. If they can't even acknowledge what has been true of viruses forever, they have thrown away their credibility. Any talk of vaccines and mandates MUST recognize natural immunity, which is "durable and lasting", according to Covid-expert physician, cardiologist and internist, Dr. Peter McCullough.

Anonymous said...

And it's not just about antibodies, it's about T-cells. Even if antibodies faded at some point, T-cells go on, and are an important part of immunity. People can have both antibodies AND T-cells checked. Make sure it's a reputable company.

Menino said...

Natural immunity to the original virus is not entirely effective against the delta variant, I forget the percentages from a couple of different studies in various countries, but it's significant.