Saturday, February 13, 2021

Eugenics Now Operative in England

Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler formed a lasting friendship (until he suicided) over the issue of eugenics.  Planned Parenthood's foundress was convinced that the human race could be improved by snuffing Less-Desirables.  As you recall, Hitler had the same idea.


President Wilson was of the same mind; so were the early-20th Century Wisconsin Republicans, (which is why most Catholics in Wisconsin STILL vote Democrat.)

Killing or mutilating human beings was immoral then.

No longer.

...People with learning disabilities have been given do not resuscitate orders during the second wave of the pandemic, in spite of widespread condemnation of the practice last year and an urgent investigation by the care watchdog.

Mencap said it had received reports in January from people with learning disabilities that they had been told they would not be resuscitated if they were taken ill with Covid-19....

England is about 20 minutes ahead of California, trend-wise; and California is only about 10 minutes ahead of the remaining 49 States.

Until, of course, Trump Revolution II hits.

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