Friday, October 23, 2020

Sky Is NOT Falling With Covid

The professional alarmists and wannabee Social Controllers are pumping up the YOU'RE GONNA DIE!!!!! noise.  In Wisconsin, look no further than Madistan, although the junior-league edition can be found in Milwaukee's City Hall.

They're playing with your emotions and the "press" falls for it every time.

CDC has published its updated Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) estimates for Covid.  

...IFR is the ratio associated with numbers of deaths from all existing infections of the disease, both diagnosed and estimated.  CFR is the number of deaths from confirmed actual cases of the disease. ...

So.  What do we learn from CDC?

As to people under 19 years of age, the IFR "best estimate" is .00003--three one-thousandths of one percent chance of dying.

Aged 20-49 (like lots and lots of Wisconsin teachers)?   .0002--two one-hundredths of one percent chance of dying.

Age 50-69?  .005--or one-half of one percent.

Over that?  .05:  a five percent chance.

Remember WHO's first guess of overall IFR?  Yah, that was a screamer:  3.4%.

Happy to let you know that the sky has NOT fallen.  Chicken Little in our Governor's office can whine 'folks' all he likes, but there's no there there.

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