Monday, January 13, 2020

Trump vs. Reality

The President is being very poorly advised.

President Donald Trump told Fox News TV host Laura Ingraham on Friday his 2021 plans to welcome more foreign graduates will not flood the labor market for U.S. college graduates.

Won't 'flood the market', eh?

...Ingraham rejected business claims of shortages: “We’re seeing a plateauing of wages … There’s a never-ending appetite on the part of corporate America to bring in as much cheap labor as possible to drive down wages.”...
Trump seems to think that the Administration will control for quality.

“I’m not talking about cheap — I’m talking about brainpower,” Trump responded. “They want to hire smart people. And those people are thrown out of the country — we can’t do that,” he said, referring to foreign graduates of U.S. colleges.

Trump seems to want to help companies import a relatively small number of very clever people, such as Ivy League valedictorians....
Why sure!!  Take only Ivy League valedictorians, throw the rest back!!  Maybe that's what Trump really intends to do...............not.

...In fact, the government does not require U.S companies to hire Americans first, and it does not screen out unskilled foreign workers. The government does not cap foreign hires and does not enforce the loopholed rules which supposedly require foreign workers to be skilled and to be paid market-level wages. Nor does the government even try to curb the large scale nepotism that allows foreign born managers in the United States to import huge numbers of foreign workers who will kick back some of their salaries to their bosses.

For example, the “Optional Practical Training” program was expanded by President G. Bush and President Barack Obama to provide employers with an extra stream of foreign graduates. Foreigners get these OPT work permits by simply enrolling in U.S. colleges,....
Now there's a "quality" metric!!  Enroll in college, get a job

But how "qualified" are these folks?

...Federal agencies have never released a full count of the resident H-1B workforce, but federal data shows that a huge percentage are not valedictorians and that many come from no-name universities in India.

The federal data for 2017, for example, shows that 39 percent of the H-1Bs sought by New York employers were rated as “entry-level” workers, similar to U.S. graduates. Another 26 percent were rated as just “qualified,” and only six percent were rated “competent.” These cheap workers have pushed hundreds of thousands of American professionals out of jobs.

This is the visa worker program which is used by companies to replace many Americans graduates....
We've mentioned that Kohl's has more than 400 imported IT workers right there in Menomonee Falls.  Hit the link, scroll down, and you'll find the same thing at WallyWorld HQ in Arkansas.

Trump is wrong, and he should admit it.

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