Saturday, January 18, 2020

How "Yuge" Is It?

While the White House is gleeful over these numbers, I'm not excited.

58% Of Attendees at Trump’s Wisconsin Rally Were NOT Republicans, Up from 43% in Ohio

My suspicion is this:  there are a LOT of 'independent' voters in Wisconsin.  They've never joined either Party, or if they did, membership lapsed years ago.  So it's no big trick to find "not Republican" party members here.

That doesn't mean that Trump is not drawing from traditional (D) voters, of course.  He is.  They're called "Reagan Republicans," just like the Teamsters in 1980.


Anonymous said...

Voters are sporting a relatively new “show me” independence and a remarkable degree of loyalty to Trump based upon performance rather than strict party affiliation. An increasing number of conservatives no longer feel wed to a national (R) that consistently cowers while Trump takes the beatings. I’m not sure that the national party has any better understanding of the voters than the Democrats do. Independent Conservatives and conservative Independents are proving to be voters rather tough to bullshit. Good news.

Dad29 said...


The (R)--nationally--began losing its base when George HW Bush moved the entire Deep State right into the White House, and they just continued to shed support right through Romney-Ryan.

You'll note that I am no fan of Republican Establishment pols and haven't been one for quite some time, other than when the alternative was something as grotesque as Obama or HRC.

The National Party types--they're just flubs. Priebus disapproved of this blog back in 2007 and I take that as a badge of honor.