Friday, January 10, 2020

A LIttle More Obozo-Stupid

Grim has spent a lot of time in-theater in the ME.

...Turkey is apparently moving forces into Libya to try to quell the remaining fires of the civil war Obama kicked off nine years ago. They have, of course, chosen to back the wrong side; but it's also the side Obama had picked, quite a few of whom were al Qaeda affiliates in the grand days of that movement. The Trump administration doesn't seem to care about Libya one way or the other, and will likely let the Turks decide the issue if they are able. Trump, at least, doesn't share the opinion that America is indispensable to these conflicts....
Obozo, along with the friggin' genius ex-limo driver Rhodes and the usual gaggle of nincompoops-in-striped-pants at State, not to mention Communist-voter Brennan.

Yah, he F*&^ed the Middle East real good.

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