Monday, January 13, 2020

B-16 Fires a Missile

Apparently Benedict XVI's 'minder,' Mgr Gaenswein, was on vacation, and B-16 got together with Cd. Sarah to write a book strongly strenuously defending priestly celibacy.

The priesthood of Jesus Christ causes us to enter into a life that consists of becoming one with him and renouncing all that belongs only to us,' he writes....

'For priests, this is the foundation of the necessity of celibacy but also of liturgical prayer, meditation on the Word of God and the renunciation of material goods.'

Marriage, he writes, requires man to give himself totally to his family.

'Since serving the Lord likewise requires the total gift of a man, it does not seem possible to carry on the two vocations simultaneously. Thus, the ability to renounce marriage so as to place oneself totally at the Lord´s disposition became a criterion for priestly ministry.'...
It's no secret that some German Cardinals--who have been troublesome for their entire careers--are pushing for married priests.  That's not new, but their propaganda-blast vis-a-vis "the Amazon" IS new.  They're using a 'priest shortage' in that region to justify ordaining married men, and they've managed to fool a few Catholics.  So far.

Pp. Francis is sympathetic to this cause, of course, but he'll never put that into writing.  He'll just  ask for an "interview" with his favorite atheist newspaper publisher, state what he thinks, and have the Vatican Press Office do the Dishonesty Do-Si-Do.

It's a well-worn path for this little Peronist Jesuit.

Will Cd. Sarah's and B-16's intervention be enough?  It may be, as a number of US (and German) Catholics have cut back on the cash donations following the perfidies of Francis, and cash is king, as they say.  When two of the better thinkers of the Church release this sort of bomb, ..........well........

Nonetheless, PRAY!!

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