Sunday, January 12, 2020

In Virginia? Words to Live By

The AOSHQ's gun guy has some really, really, good advice if you're planning on "lobby day" activity in Richmond.

...As I mentioned before, these are Lobby Days. They are not Be a Badass or Start Some Shit Days. I will absolutely guarantee you that extremists on the left are going to be there in number to start trouble and make the pro-gun side look like the aggressor in any confrontation. One of my best friends and my main shooting buddy made a career as a network cameraman, and has covered countless rallies, demonstrations, civil disturbances and outright wars all over the world. Time after time he has seen first hand the tactics of the left, who will stop at nothing to cause you to lose your cool. Want to be on the evening news in a video edited to make you look like a aggressive gun-toting redneck? That can and will happen. If you are confronted, walk away. You will do more damage to the cause and give the left just what it wants if you get into as much as a shouting match. Think the media will cover any of this in a fair and unbiased manner? Think again.
These events have the potential to go sideways in a hurry so keep your wits about you, do be safe, and do not be the star in a shitshow. This is simply about showing numbers. All eyes are on Virginia, which is why it is critical this not devolve into a riot. Believe me when I say the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement has the attention of the legislature, and tens of thousands of people in Richmond will be very difficult to ignore. The time for vigorous protest will come later....
Or as another sage put it a couple centuries ago:

Keep your powder dry.

Best Wishes!!

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