Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Child Abuse or Abuse of Parents?

Well, now.

There's little question that there are TWO "narratives" surrounding an alleged child-abuse case.

One is provided by the local newspaper, which is obviously relying heavily on the DA's office and off-the-record comments from the local hospital.

The other is provided by NBC News.  Their report raises plenty of questions about the staffers who determine that "child abuse" has been committed.

One thing is clear:  even medical professionals make mistakes, like "co-sleeping."  That's just dumb.  On the other hand, unlike most "co-sleeping" parents in the Milwaukee area, this parent rushed his child to the ER.

This whole "child abuse reporting" thing has dramatically changed the relationship between parents and hospital ER's, not to mention pediatricians.  This is not a good thing, friends.

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