Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Frank Walker's Right

Frank Walker speculates his way to exactly the right conclusion:  Abp. Gaenswein is a double-dealer who is making sure that Pp. Benedict (emeritus?) loses credibility.  While the press reports that 'Benedict says he did not author [parts of] the book,' note very carefully:  that's Gaenswein saying it.  B-16 has not uttered those words on the record.

And--for good measure--Cdl. Sarah, the co-author of a book on the Church's unbroken tradition of priestly celibacy (yes, it dates back to the Apostles), is also being slandered as a "liar" for acknowledging B-16's work on that very book.

The war has become un-civil.  The long knives are finally exposed, and the Christians are being martyred.  Again.

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